St. John the Evangelist has been serving the Historic Inglewood neighbourhood for over 100 years.


The Holy House of Our Lady and St. John is the only endeavour of its kind in the Province of Alberta to be based in a parish church. The main blessing for students of Holy House is the opportunity to study the marvels of the universe whilst in the presence of the King of the Universe — in the Blessed Sacrament.
    St. John’s is a warm and inviting sacred space where young people can grow in holiness. In addition to the church proper, St. John’s has a full size gym, kitchen, newly renovated classrooms, Montessori Casa environment, and library. Within a few minutes walk of St. John’s Church, in the historic Inglewood neighbourhood, is Nellie Breen Park (Playground) as well as the beautiful Pearce Estate Park.
    St. John’s is also home to the Gilbertines, the only medieval Religious Order of English origin.  

Visit: St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church

Visit: The Gilbertines

Symptoms of our educational crisis, such as the fragmentation of the disciplines, the separation of faith and reason, the reduction of quality to quantity, and the loss of a sense of ultimate purpose are directly related to a lack of historical awareness on the part of students. An integrated curriculum must teach subjects, and it must teach the right subjects, but it should do so by incorporating each subject, even mathematics and the hard sciences within the history of ideas, which is the history of our culture. Every subject has a history a drama, and by imaginatively engaging with these stories we become part of the tradition.
— Strattford Caldecott