The dedicated study of a musical instrument is the perfect complement to a Catholic classical education. Starting in its foundational year, Holy House will facilitate the opportunity for its students to have instruction in violin, viola, cello, piano and organ with excellent Catholic musicians. Holy House envisions the creation of chamber music and orchestral ensembles in future years. The Instrumental Music Academy is an optional and additional programme to the Homeschool Enrichment Programme.


Conditions of Enrolment:

Students will be permitted to miss one half hour of regular classes per week to attend a private music lesson in violin, viola or cello;

one parent must regularly attend the weekly lesson with his or her child and be committed to supervising practicing at home;

students may not be excused from choir rehearsal or attending Mass to take their private lesson;

parents and students are responsible for catching up on missed material for the class from which the student was excused to take his lesson;

Students must rent or purchase their instruments from Langdon Strings.

Parents will contract their private teachers directly according to the terms and rates of individual teachers.

Tuition fees, funding, fundraising, and the bursary programme of Holy House will not be available for families to use in paying their private instructor.

What, then, does this instrument—the Word of God, the Lord, the New Song—desire? To open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf, and to lead the lame or the erring to righteousness, to exhibit God to the foolish, to put a stop to corruption, to conquer death, to reconcile disobedient children to their father. The instrument of God loves mankind.
— St. Clement of Alexandria, Exhortation to the Heathen