tuition and financial considerations


clitherow cottage Fees

For all students: Coming soon.

Homeschool Enrichment Programme Fees

For all students: $500 / child / year (in addition to all available funding.)


Holy House is committed to providing tuition assistance for those families with genuine need. Parents who have limited financial resources but who are committed to the overall vision of The Holy House of Our Lady and St. John, should contact Br. Robert-Charles Bengry GSmp regarding a bursary for the participation of their child(ren). All enquiries will be held in the strictest confidence as will any relief provided. No family will be denied registration simply because of an inability to pay the full tuition. Br. Robert-Charles can be contacted by telephone at: 403-764-6827 or by email:


Other Financial Considerations

1. Uniform — details below
2. School Supplies — a list is to be provided in early August
3. Novels — Recommended to purchase from Fair’s Fair Books. 907 9 Ave SE.
4. Carry On Luggage — standard size carry on luggage of approximately 9" x 14" x 22" Instead of a backpack. It will serve as locker while at Holy House.


A clean, modest, and neat appearance is very important at Holy House. Following the uniform regulations will aid students in cultivating the virtues of modesty and orderliness, and will create a unified atmosphere where each person is valued and respected as a child of God.

All students should look and smell clean. Hair should be neatly styled; no unnatural hair colouring or streaking.

Boys’ hair may not hang below the collar. Facial hair must be kept neat and trimmed.

Students who are ten years and older are strongly encouraged to wear deodorant.

Visible tattoos, body art, or body-piercing jewellery are strictly prohibited. Excessive jewellery, such as chandelier earrings, ankle bracelets, etc. are strictly forbidden for girls as well as boys.

No head coverings are allowed, i.e. caps or hats; however, chapel veils may be used for Mass.

We encourage the use of laundry products that keep dark clothing from fading and white clothing from turning dingy and greyish.

Students must wear black shoes (not running shoes or sneakers) while at Holy House. They also require an appropriate pair of indoor shoes for gym class.

Holy House students are to wear their school uniform as described in the Prospectus. Some elements must be purchased from Elegant Design. See the Prospectus [here] for details.

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