Frequently Asked Questions:  


What does Holy House have to offer Catholic home schoolers? 
Holy House provides a wholesome environment where each child can explore his/her academic and social skills with gentle and charitable guidance. We want to help our students understand that our faith goes beyond going to church and being good. They must live their faith and be beacons of the faith in the culture that prevails and in so doing bring others to Christ. We want our students to understand the necessity of being prepared, not only spiritually, but also intellectually, to be able to defend their faith through reason, as well.
    One of the major advantages we offer home educators is that the teachers do the weekly course planning and the testing. The most important responsibility of the parents is to make sure their children complete the Holy House assignments at home in a systematic and orderly fashion.
What are the strong points in the Holy House Homeschool Enrichment Programme?
Our strong points are: (1) an authentically Catholic approach to education; (2) a challenging and rigorous academic programme, (3) vibrant and committed Catholic educators, (4) structure and accountability, (5) a community environment, (6) low tuition and, of utmost importance, (7) Mass and daily prayer, (7) an optional Latin programme. 

Do you have any accreditations?
No, we don’t. We are not a school. The main goal of our programme is to assist home schooling parents in providing a solid classical‐style Catholic education for their children.

Does Holy House offer daily lesson plans, with tests?
Our teachers send an email to the parents with a variety of assignments to complete during the week. Depending on the course, teachers give quizzes and tests several times during the school year. Our teachers keep contact with the parents with special attention when there are concerns and to help the parents manage the intensity of the work, etc.

What support does Holy House offer parents?
Our courses supplement or complement the courses that parents are doing at home. Because we are in partnership with parents in the education of their children, we have a strong Catholic community and environment. Holy House also provides a platform for the forging of long‐term friendships and associations and vigorous intellectual interaction, which comes from learning with others and that stimulates critical thinking.
    We ask the students to wear uniforms and to sign disciplinary action plans with their parents. These measures help the students realize that they are participating in a serious, academically demanding programme where rules must be followed for the benefit of everyone involved.
    We are also pleased to have a Parent Liaison (our ‘Dean of Moms’) who will be of great assistance to new homeschooling families.

What if the cost of tuition is beyond our means?
Our fees are already very reasonable. That being said, some families may genuinely not be able to bear the cost. If this is the case for you please contact Br. Robert-Charles at and he can help make arrangements for your family on a case by case basis.

Can non-Catholic families take part?
Yes they can, however, all families and students must understand that our programme is a Catholic one that revolves around Roman Catholic culture and spirituality. Every student is required to participate in choir, religion classes, and must learn the required hymns and prayers. Anglican families may be particularly interested in our programme because we have a special interest in preserving the Anglican Patrimony as it is now celebrated and protected by the Roman Catholic Church under the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

Is an interview necessary for admittance?
Yes. All families will be contacted for an interview which is a part of the enrolment and admittance process. We will also schedule an appointment with each prospective student to assess reading and writing skills.

Does the Holy House curriculum have a provision for students with learning disabilities or other special needs?
While we are not able to offer a specific programme for children with learning disabilities, we work with the parents and the teachers to provide a safe and friendly environment to the widest variety of students possible given our expertise and resources. We make as many accommodations as we can to help as many children as possible to take advantage of the courses we offer. Enrolment of students with special needs is determined on a case by case basis.

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